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May 25 to June 3: Ladies Tour "French Open" Session 1


2 days at Roland Garros (“French Open” sessions only)


Come and enjoy with us one of the most prestigious professional tennis tournaments!

Home of one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments (along with the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open), Roland Garros is a legendary tournament and reflects 125 years of history.

Did you know? The Roland Garros stadium was named in the 1920s after a WWI aviator-war hero, who was also a tennis enthusiast, and actually attended the stadium when he was studying in Paris.

Often dubbed “one of the toughest Slams,” the French Open is played on the traditional red clay of France.

According to the official website of the French Open tournament, “Roland-Garros is a tournament which stands out on the international sporting calendar, and is part of the heritage of its home country, France.”

So get your panama hat and your sunglasses on, and relax while you watch some of the best tennis in the world!

Guided tour of the Claude Monet’s house and gardens in Giverny

giverny gardens

Visit one of the best kept-secrets of France’s tourism!
Discover the splendid house and spectacular gardens that inspired the artwork of the world-famous painter. This residence is a hidden treasure at the doors of Normandy. This is a magical place to visit!


Paris Paris Paris

Embark on a one-of-a-kind tour of the French capital.

Paris’ great appeal is that it always leaves room for discovery, even for those who think they’ve seen it all. Explore the architectural, artistic, and cultural treasures of Paris. Take a stroll in the beautiful streets, grab a warm delicious pastry in one of the wonderful bakeries, or just enjoy walking by the magnificent Seine river. Come with us and experience a unique visit of the City of Lights!


Unique itinerary to discover the sumptuous chateaux of the Loire Valley

Chambord Chenonceau

The chateaux of the Loire valley are some of the most recognizable chateaux in the world b cause of their very distinctive French Renaissance architecture.

You will take part in an exceptional guided tour of one of those chateaux (either Chateau de Chambord or Chateau de Chenonceau–TBD)

Learn about the architectural heritage and the cultural history of France, and enjoy a wine tasting.


Visit of Bordeaux and guided tour of the world-renowned wine country

Bordeaux Route des vins Bordeaux Bordeaux

Bordeaux is one of the greatest wine regions in the world, and one of the best cities to live in France.

You will not only visit the city of Bordeaux, but you will also experience a truly remarkable guided wine tour of the world-renowned “Route des Vins” of Bordeaux, with beautiful chateaux, famous wines, and terrific food.

You will enjoy walks through gorgeous vineyards and experience a chateau wine tasting, led by professional wine experts and head winemakers or “sommeliers,” designed to help you enjoy wine to the full.

Do not miss this incredible experience!

Hike the Dune du Pilat

Dune du Pilat

The Dune of Pilat, also called Grande Dune du Pilat is the tallest sand dune in Europe. It is located in La Teste-de-Buch in the Arcachon Bay area, France, 60 km from Bordeaux.

You will get to hike up the Dune du Pilat, a unique landscape with an incredible panoramic view over the ocean, forest and Arcachon Bay. This living, natural space is a national piece of French heritage. From the top of this giant (109 meters high, 2,7 kilometers long, 500 meters wide), you can see many remarkable sites of the region.
Come and enjoy this majestic adventure with us!

Visit of Le Cap Ferret

Cap Ferret Cap Ferret

Quiet, laid-back, and authentic, Lege-Cap Ferret is a jewel of the French Atlantic coast. Niched between the ocean and the forest, this intimate peninsula will satisfy all travelers. Also dubbed “the capital of the French oyster,” Le Cap Ferret is a haven for seaside delights.


St Jean

The Landes and basque country presents many marvelous facets. You know you’ve entered the Basque country when you see the typical red and white colors that make this region a beautiful living painting. From the charming typical villages to the cosmopolitan coastline cities, you will find comfort and serenity. The powerful Atlantic Ocean and the impressive never-ending beaches of fine sand, along with the pine Landes forest, and the hospitality of this region, will make you feel welcome and fully-recharged.

Visit of St Jean de Luz

St Jean

Get in the heart of the basque country and enjoy the city of St Jean de Luz. In the main pedestrian street called “Rue Gambetta,” you will walk from cute local boutiques to outdoor terraces of cafés, to typical shops, selling chocolate & sweets, local produce, clothes and shoes. This marvelous city has a lot to offer, with its famous beach and boardwalk “Promenade Jacques Thibaud,” the indoor farmer’s market “Les Halles,” the majestic “Church of St. John Baptist,” or the famous port, where you will find many delicious fish and seafood restaurants.

Beach & Spa day (“Tennis & Culture” sessions only)

plage spa spa

The ladies who embark on the “Tennis & Culture” journey will enjoy a Beach & Spa day in the Landes region.

In the heart of the pine forest, the Landes region enjoys an exceptional situation, located near the mountain and the ocean. This beautiful region, well-known for its thermal activity, invites you now in a haven of peace where harmony is synonymous of conviviality.

Soothing and dynamic, you will be immersed into the Gascon culture, you will find a warm welcome and discover essential traditions.

The Atlantic Ocean is a wonderful and natural landmark of the Landes and basque country. You will get a chance to take a deep breath and enjoy

Take care of yourself, relax, and enjoy a powerful and rejuvenating experience!


Tour Price: 4999 €

All-inclusive package:

  • French Open Tickets (in Cat. 1 or "Loge" with access to the terrace
  • All meals & drinks (including alcohol)
  • Accommodation in a traditional double room
  • All transportation (transportation across France, boat rides, train)
  • Tennis courts fee
  • Tennis balls
  • Tennis instructions with expert coaches
  • Entrance fee & guided tours of all tourist sites

… Basically everything but the airfare from and to the US!

Itinerary: May 25 to June 3: Ladies Tour "French Open" Session 1

Day 1 Morning Arrival at Paris CDG airport
Afternoon/Evening Guided visit of Claude Monet’s house & gardens in Giverny
Day 2 Morning Drive to Loire Valley + tennis practice (2 hours)
Afternoon/Evening Guided visit of a Chateau of the Loire Valley & guided wine tour and tasting (Chateau de Chambord or Chateau de Chenonceau)
Day 3 Morning Drive to Bordeaux + tennis practice (3 hours)
Afternoon/Evening Guided visit of typical village of St Emilion & guided wine tour and tasting
Day 4 Morning Tennis practice (3 hours)
Afternoon/Evening Hike of the famous Dune du Pilat & visit of the Bay of Arcachon and Cap Ferret
Day 5 Morning Drive to Landes & basque country + tennis practice (3 hours)
Afternoon/Evening Guided visit of the city of St Jean de Luz & other selected cities of the basque country
Day 6 Morning Tennis (3 hours)
Afternoon/Evening Visit of coastal cities of Capbreton & Hossegor, time at the beach & relaxation at the spa
Day 7 Morning Tennis practice (2 hours)
Afternoon/Evening Train back to Paris (5 hours) + visit of Paris-by-night
Day 8 Morning French Open (2nd round)
Afternoon/Evening French Open (2nd round)
Day 9 Morning Tennis (2 hours)
Afternoon/Evening French Open (3rd round)
Day 10 Morning Drive to Paris CDG airport, fly back to the US