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Travels. Traditions. Transported.

Our Story

My brother Mickael & I grew up in France 40 miles at the West of Paris, between the nation’s capital and the Normandy. We explored even more of our beautiful French country as we moved to study in the city of Toulouse, located in the heart of Southwestern France. I moved to Toulouse to train with the French Tennis Federation.

I have been traveling most of my life for tennis tournaments, track meets, cross country races, gymnastic competitions, and vacation as a family. I have played in tennis clubs all over France, and I have the best memories experiencing the traditions in the different parts of France. Everywhere I have been, French people have been wonderful, showing hospitality, generosity, and always being willing to teach me about the

Even though I am French and I was traveling through my own country, I felt transported and learned something new and fabulous about that new region of France I had no knowledge about.

I realized why France is one of the world’s most visited countries, and why so many people consider it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Throughout all my traveling across France, I have had on my mind to share my experience as a “tennis traveler.”

Mickael & I both moved to the US in 2007 to play college tennis. Mickael played tennis and ran cross country at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho, and I played division 1 college tennis at Indiana University.

Since our college years, we have both started coaching tennis in division 1, Mickael being the head coach for the men & women’s teams at Youngstown State University in Ohio, and myself being most recently the assistant coach at BYU in Utah. Mickael has established a winning legacy throughout his travels with his team, as he has led his women’s team to win the conference championship for three consecutive years, and qualified for NCAA nationals.

Needless to say, Mickael and I have traveled all over the US, whether it was for team competition as players and coaches, or for vacation. Whenever we get a chance, we actually love to pick a new place in the US we haven’t visited yet and explore for a few weeks. Whenever we travel, we love to experience daily life as if we were “locals.”

Ever since I moved to the US, I have been wanting to share the culture of France with Americans, and incorporate my tennis expertise with a cultural tour.

Throughout the past nine years traveling across the US, people have been asking me many questions about France, the culture, the traditions, the difference between regions…

So, with Odyssey Tennis, I will take you on a one-of-a-kind tennis & culture tour across France, where you will get to not only play tennis on red clay, but also tour France, socialize with locals, and experience the traditions of the different French regions.

In short, we want to live our life to the fullest and experience something unique everywhere we go, and definitely walk off the beaten path.

In that aspect, it’s not surprising we are the first ones to launch a “Tennis & Culture” traveling experience.

We want to share this passion with American tennis players who, like us, love to travel, love to play tennis, love to meet new people and experience the culture and traditions of a new country. This is our definition of “having a great time!”

Being from France, we naturally wanted to share the marvelous heritage that our country has to offer. There is so much to see and we want everyone to enjoy it!

Embark on a unique journey with us. We’ll take you on a tennis & culture tour of a lifetime!

~From romantic Paris to the historical Chateaux of the Loire Valley, the world-famous wine country of Bordeaux, and the picturesque Landes and basque country, embark on a unique adventure to France packed with tennis on red clay, art, nature, culture, and history.

Experience the real French culture, and get off the beaten path~

Ladies Tour 2017


A unique 10-day tennis & culture journey across France

For Who?

Tennis players who play regularly


In France, from Paris, to the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the wine country of Bordeaux, and the Landes and basque country



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