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Overview of a Typical Trip

Most campers are minors and it may be their first experience travelling alone away from home. Thus, we fully understand how such trip abroad may be stressful for both the players and their family. For this reason, staff members will frequently communicate with legal guardians through phone, Facebook, Skype or any available media available to:

  • Confirm player's arrival to the airport in France
  • Confirm that we arrived safely at the camp
  • Respond to any questions or emergencies that family members may have

We hope such effort from our staff will help reduce the apprehension related to this new, yet unique experience.

From Home to Domestic Airport

Legal guardians or entrusted third parties are responsible to drive players from their residence to the domestic Airport.

From Domestic Airport to Connection Flight (if applicable)

Odyssey Tennis Academy is not responsible for any complication that could occur while players are connecting flights in order to reach the airport in France. Legal guardians are fully responsible to ensure and facilitate the transition between flights if any connections have to be made.

Young adults: 15-17 years old

According to most airline companies, passengers from 14 through 17 years of age are considered "Young Adults."  In general the "use of the Unaccompanied Minor service is not required for young adults [14 through 17] but is available upon request." (American Airline, Children Travelling Alone).

High-school players are usually able to handle flights connections on their own, without special assistance.


For the youngest of this age group, need for professional assistance mainly depends on:

  • Personality
  • Previous experience with travelling
  • Airline policy (ex: AA and United allow passengers from 12 to 17 years old to travel alone without purchasing the "Unaccompanied Minor service." Delta requires passengers from 12 to 14 to purchase the UMS.)

Therefore, those campers may or may not need professional assistance to change flights at connecting airports.

Unaccompanied minors: 8-11 years old

Children 8 through 11 years of age travelling alone are usually categorized as "Unaccompanied Minors." In this case, the purchase of "Unaccompanied Minor service" (American Airline terminology) is required.

While prices vary in function of the airline, such service usually cost around $100 per way.

Legal guardians shall book itinerary that includes connection with the same airline. In fact, airlines do not accept unaccompanied children when their itinerary includes a connection to/from another airline.

Useful links:

American Airline:

Delta Airline:


Please contact the airline of your choice before booking and for more information.

Arrival to the Airport in France

Our designated staff will pick up passengers directly at the terminal. The identity, contact information, pictures and bio of each staff member handling that transition will have been communicated with you by email prior to the trip. Depending on the overall flight schedule of the other players, one may have to wait with the staff in the airport. Food and drinks will be provided to help alleviate the wait.

Trip from Paris CDG to Sports Campus International

Odyssey Tennis is located in Vieux-Boucau, in the Southwest of France.

Staff members drive with the players directly from CDG to the Southwest of France.

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