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Tournament Schedule

The intense tournament schedule proposed to players by the Odyssey Tennis Academy is a main feature which differentiates our academy from most others.

While at the academy, players will compete in several tournaments (from 3 minimum to 6 maximum depending on factors such as age or early results in the first tournaments). Those tournaments are officially sanctioned by the FFT (French Federation of Tennis, and equivalent of the USTA in the USA) and allow players to:

  • Compete on both red clay and hard court
  • Compete at the highest level against some of the best European players
  • Expand their tennis horizon and experience by competing within a different culture of tennis
  • Obtain a French ranking which is known as being highly reliable, recognized and highly utilized by college coaches to recruit players from Europe

Below is an overview of the main tournaments players can be enrolled in. This list is a selection and is not exhaustive; many other tournaments are available at that period and in the region and may be considered later in the process according to scheduling. The decision regarding which tournaments each players will be enrolled remains at our discretion. Except on special requests, players will be enrolled in at least two of the 3 main clay tournaments.

Clay Tournaments



Start Date

End Date

Tournoi d'Hossegor Hossegor July 2 July 18
Tournoi de Moliets Moliets July 5 July 17
Tournoi du Gaillou Capbreton July 2 July 23

Hard Court Tournaments



Start Date

End Date

Tournoi de Saint Vincent de Tyrosse Saint Vincent de Tyrosse July 5 July 17
Tournoi de Benesse-Maremne Benesse-Maremne July 6 July 20
Tournoi de Vieux-Boucau Vieux-Boucau July 8 July 21

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