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Feedback, Quotes and Comments from Past Summers

"I had such a great time last year, and I'm really excited to come back and work with Mickael and Myriam! We are looking at flights and trying to plan my trip to Paris, and I am running a lot to get a head start on the fitness we will do I learned so much last year, and I feel like this year will be even better. Practicing at Hossegar will be amazing, I love the club, the courts, and the people there are very friendly. "Le Combat!" "

- Avery Moore - Odyssey Tennis 2014 Summer Camper

"Odyssey tennis academy is the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to learn a lot about the French culture and improve my tennis. Playing on the red clay of France was great as it taught me that I have to be very patient when it comes to constructing points. Playing on the clay also helped my movement become more efficient. I got the opportunity to meet some world class coaches, and players. Before France, I used to feel very nervous going into matches. After playing about 30 matches in a matter of weeks, I no longer feel nervous. Playing so many matches made me more aware of how I have to prepare, compete, and recover. I was exposed to many different leveled players. The French tournament system is very effective and fair to everyone. Mickael's coaching tactics have impacted my game greatly, as he emphasized the importance of the cross court shots. The campsite location is in the perfect location right next to the beach. We have gone to the beach to condition or relax, And even had a pizza party. I am very thankful for everyone who was involved with Odyssey tennis academy. They have done so much for me as a person, and as a tennis player."

- Josh Druger - Odyssey Tennis 2014 Summer Camper

"My experience at Odyssey Tennis Academy was one of the best of my life. It was great for me as a tennis player, and a person. As a tennis player, I got to play on red clay courts, which was a first for me. Also, with the amount of matches I played, I learned that taking care of yourself on court is very important. That was an important skill that saw performance rise greatly. As a person, I learned a lot about the French culture. It was more than I could ever learn from a book. It was a very good opportunity to practice the French that I was learning in school, and apply it in real life. I would like to thank everyone involved in Odyssey Tennis Academy for providing me this experience."

- Robert Dotterer - Odyssey Tennis 2014 Summer Camper

"My son Rob had a wonderful experience at Odyssey Tennis Academy this past summer. The tennis, coupled with the culture and friendships, proved to be an amazing experience for him. Equally as important, this experience was great for me! The most important things to me, as a mother, were that my son was safe and well cared for, and that I was able to communicate regularly, both before and during the camp. Mickael and Myriam were accessible by phone, Skype, text, and email throughout the entire decision-making process. They provided references for me to call. The most impressive thing of all: They seemed truly excited to meet and work with Rob. Communication during the camp was beyond expectations. I was able to follow Rob’s progress (both on and off the court) through daily photo updates on their Facebook page. Months later, they are still communicating with Rob. Rob is excited to return to Odyssey, and I fully support his decision!"

- Lori Dotterer - Mum of Rob, Odyssey Tennis 2014 Summer Camper

"What a wonderful tennis academy for Avery and young tennis players around the world! Memories forever...with such great hospitality & warm caring instructors, who wouldn't want to come back every year! Congratulations on your first year!...."

- Facebook comment from Avery's Uncle Floyd & Aunt Louise

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