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Registration Process

Camp Registration Process

  1. Proceed to the General Registration Process
    1. Create a username and a password
    2. Check your email account and look for a confirmation email (think about checking your junk box if you do not receive anything in your inbox)
    3. Use the link provided in the email to activate your account
  2. Log in on your account using your username/password combination
  3. Click on the link "Register Now!" It is located on the upper banner of your screen and inside the drop-down menu item called "Get Ready!"
  4. Fill out the Camp Registration Form.
  5. You and Odyssey Tennis receive a confirmation email restating the information you have entered and signed on.
  6. You are all set for the camp!

Payment Process

  1. Follow the registration process above.
  2. Wait for our email stating the amount and the deadline due on your current balance.
    • Important: we cannot guarantee any refund if you proceed to a payment without being previously prompted to do so by Odyssey Tennis.

  3. Go to the menu item "Get Ready!" > "Financial" > "Payment Portal"
  4. Follow the instructions to process your payment through our secured portal.

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Summer Camp 2017

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