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Sports Campus International:

Odyssey Tennis Academy will be working in partnership with Sports Campus International.

Sport Campus

Previously a summer camp, Sports Campus organized its daily life around competition teams and quickly became the top destination for teams from all over the country. Sports Campus welcomes these competition teams whose goal is to combine life within an athlete community and tennis tournaments in the Southwest regions of France called Landes and Pays Basque.

The high-level of sociability, the contact between different tennis communities and the opportunity to establish relationships between athletes built the reputation of Sports Campus throughout the country. This experience, acquired throughout the seasons, enabled Sports Campus to suggest a wide variety of activities, which can vary from athletic competitions to fun games, or even special events.

As a private entity, Sports Campus complies with the French law. It receives regular controls from the different State compliance organisms that ethically and legally allow the structure to work with all required authorizations (security commission, minister of Sports…). Thanks to a partnership with the Tennis Club of Sauveterre and the skills of his director Jean-Marie Castera, Sports Campus adapts to the competitors’ needs coming from all over the world.

Visit the Sport Campus International website here!

Pro Tracker Tennis

Odyssey Tennis Academy started its cooperation with Pro Tracker Tennis during the summer of 2013.

Pro Tracker Tennis

Thanks to this software, our coaching staff has been able to track, collect, and organize important data from campers’ official matches. Protracker tennis arranges data into relevant statistical reports that become readily available to coaches on a timely basis.

Those reports have allowed our coaches to more objectively analyze matches and provide constructive feedback to players as early as right after their matches.

All match reports are later sent to parents by email along with tournament draws and other relevant information.

On its website, ProTrackerTennis explains that: “Following a match, the perceptions a player has of how it went will often differ from how the coach saw it. After having played a match the player will ask why and how did I win/lose? Instead of saying “I don’t know” or simply guessing, this fantastic software allows players to answer the questions of how and why they won or lost. By demonstrating to the player the real facts of the match such as would be seen on TV analysis, valuable lessons are learnt. Weaknesses can be acknowledged and ironed out, and strengths can be identified to exploit further.”

Click here to find an example of the reports we provide to Odyssey campers.


Odyssey Tennis Academy started its cooperation with TennisPro during the summer of 2013.


TennisPro has become Odyssey Tennis official supplier of Odyssey Tennis with its supply for balls and other accessory. We are grateful to have them as partner and we are looking forward to continue our cooperation with them in the future.

Please visit TennisPro website for your tennis equipment!

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