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Academy Location

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Odyssey Tennis is an organization that operates in the Southwest of France. The academy aims to lead young American players to improve their tennis through intense practicing and tournament playing on red clay.

The campers stay in a secured and closed camp located in the Southwest of France, in the Soustons/Vieux-Boucau area.

Sports Campus International

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When not practicing, on the road for tournaments or on excursions with the team (beach, sightseeing…), campers will spend most of their time at Sports Campus.

Sports Campus is a private entity which welcomes competition teams whose goal is to combine life within an athletic community and tennis tournaments in the Southwest regions of France called Landes and Pays Basque.

The high-level of sociability, the contact between different tennis communities and the opportunity to establish relationships between athletes has built the reputation of Sports Campus throughout the country. This experience, acquired throughout the seasons, enabled Sports Campus to suggest a wide variety of activities, which can vary from athletic competitions to fun games, or even special events.

Sports Campus complies with the French law and regulations. It receives regular controls from the different State compliance organizations that ethically and legally allow the structure to work with all required authorizations (security commission, minister of Sports…). Sports Campus adapts to the needs of competitors coming from all over the world.

playgroundsportscampus Sport Campus middleareasportscampus Ballustrade Playing Cards

The location is very attractive since it is right on the Atlantic coast; the camp is 10 minutes walking from the beach. All the tournaments are in the same area, within a one-hour radius maximum by car.

entrancebeachvb beachvb

Free Time

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During their free time, campers can enjoy the outdoor recreational area of Sports Campus, composed of a volleyball court, ping-pong tables, beach-tennis court and a field where they can play soccer or throw the football.

Americans will also get a chance to experience new sports that are typical of the Southwest region of France, such as beach-tennis and “pétanque” (also known as bocce ball).

There is also a 20-meter long swimming pool.

swimmingpoolavvvb1 swimmingpoolavvvb2 Beach Tennis ping-pong Biking Beach


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The campers will eat at the restaurant located at Sports Campus. Transportation will be assured by Odyssey Tennis staff members between the lodging location and Sports Campus for meals and activities.

Meals are consumed inside or on the terrace of the camp restaurant. The dining hall is open on large shifts that allow everyone to freely organize their activities throughout the day.

dininghallsportscampus1 dininghallsportscampus2 Restaurant Inside Restaurant Line Restaurant Outise Tray Example


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Campers will sleep at one of the two sites in partnership with Sports Campus International. Depending on availability, the campers will stay either at the “AVVVB” or at “Village Club Dunéa.”

Village Vacances AVVVB (Association Village Vacances Louis Cancé de Vieux-Boucau)

The “AVVVB” is a village club directly adjacent to Sports Campus International.

1, rue de Porteteni 40480 VIEUX-BOUCAU

avvvblogo avvvbaccueil

Each bungalow is composed of 4 to 6 beds.

avvvb1 avvvb2 avvvb3 avvvb4 avvvb5 avvvb6 avvvb7 avvvb8 avvvb9

Village Club Dunéa

1, Square De L'herté Soustons 40140

The Village Club Dunéa is located only 2 miles away from the Sports Campus International site.

Staff members will assure the transportation between Dunéa and the Sports Campus site for meals and activities.

As for the Sports Campus rooms, each bungalow is composed of 4 to 6 beds, and all campers will have their own bed.

duneaaccueil dunea1 dunea2 dunea3 dunea4 dunea5

Activities, Entertainment, and Culture

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The Southwest of France is very rich in history, and the campers have the opportunity to visit some of it. We also try our best to make them discover and understand the culture that is proper to France, and specifically the Landes and Pays Basque. For example, we take them to shows in arenas that are unique in the world (courses landaises, vachettes…)

Culinary Experience

Cheese Diverse Food

Campers will have the opportunity to discover and taste some of the best delicacies that France and more specifically the Landes and Basques region has to offer.

The Landes Forest

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landesforest1 Landes Forest Landes Forest

The Southwest of France has a lot to offer and the beautiful landscapes of the regions of Landes and Pays Basque are always a great summer attraction, for both French citizens and international tourists.

The Landes forest is mainly composed of tall pine trees and bicycle paths where runners, walkers, and bicyclists can equally enjoy a reinvigorating workout.

Also, the players will get a chance to discover the natural patrimoine and various landscapes that the French Atlantic Southwest region has to offer, such as the Atlantic Ocean, beaches and dunes, as well as pine forests, vast lakes and the Pyrénées mountains (an hour drive South). Sports Campus is also located an hour by car from Spain.

Discover "La Pelote Basque" and the Landes/Basque Culture

Chistera Chistera Dance Folklore

Odyssey Tennis will take campers to at least one show while they are at the Academy. This show features some of the most traditional Folklore of the Landes and Basque region as well as dominant sports in the area such as the Chistera and other variations of the Pelote Basque played on a wall called “Fronton”.

Vachettes landaises

The arena is located in Vieux-Boucau, within a convenient walkable distance of the camp. It is a great opportunity for kids to watch a unique show typical of the Southwest of France.

courseslandaises1 courseslandaises2 courseslandaises3 courseslandaises4
Video Courses Landaises 1 Video Courses Landaises 2