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Our Policy

  1. Participants must have full complementary Medical Insurance and provide proof of same at least 30 days prior to departure. Participant should bring his/her insurance card and claims forms on the trip. Odyssey Tennis is not responsible for doctor, hospital or pharmaceutical costs or travel expenses relating thereto. In the event where Odyssey tennis provides medical payment for participant, parent/guardian will reimburse Odyssey tennis for same upon notification of such expenditure.
  2. Failure to make full disclosure on medical form may result in player being sent home without refund

Where to Subscribe for an International travel Health Insurance?

Please Note that Odyssey Tennis does not have partnership agreements with the following providers.

In the event you would choose to subscribe with one of the following providers, Odyssey Tennis will not assume responsibilities for the quality of their service or for any inconveniences you may encounter with them as a customer.

This information has been researched and posted on this website by the Odyssey Tennis staff team for your convenience.

HCC Medical

Name: Atlas Travel

Cost: about $40

  • Duration: about 23 days
  • Coverage Amount: $1,000,000 (can choose other options)
  • Deductible: $0 (can choose other options)

Brochure: Atlas Travel Brochure

Website: Atlas Travel

For more information and support contact:

Mario Johnson

Associate Sales Representative

HCC Medical Insurance Services

A subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.


Tel: (317) 221-8051 Ext 8051

IMG(International Medical Group) Global

Name: Patriot Adventure

Cost: $54 per month (subscription for one month minimum)

Brochure: Patriots Adventure Brochure

Website: IMG Global

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