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Financial Information

Our Prices

Dates Main Items Included Price
Odyssey Tennis 2016: July 1 to July 22
  • Room and board
  • Transportation from arrival at the airport to the Academy
  • Practices:
    • 4 hours of tennis per day
    • 1 hour conditioning
  • Tournaments:
    • Matches' feedback/coach report/game analysis
    • Registration fees for all tournaments (minimum 4 tournaments)
    • Transportation to tournaments
    • French Tennis Federation membership fee
  • Other activities
    • Touristic tours
    • Cultural Activities (pelote basque, vachettes...)
  • Payment Transaction Costs (up to 36 euros)

Price per Week (from Saturday to Saturday):
995 euros

Number of Weeks:

Total Price (Taxes Included):
2985 euros

Financial Details and Payment Policy

Financial details

The total cost includes: all lodging, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, selected sightseeing, ground transportation, transfers, tournament entry fees, staff coaching and chaperoning, and liability insurance.

The total cost does not include: Round-trip airfare from team's origination point, passport/visa fees, laundry, medical expenses, optional activities, personal spending money, and extra baggage fees.

Payment policy

  1. Payment Structure
    1. 20% (of total amount) deposit to be processed within 72hours after receiving the "request payment email" from Odyssey Tennis prompting the customer to pay the deposit.
    2. Remainder of the balance is due no later than April 15.
    3. Participants who enroll after April 1 are required to remit payment in full with the registration.
    4. If final payment is not received by April 15, participant shall be canceled and refunds made as stated in the cancellation policy section.
  2. Cancellation Policies
    1. Prior to March 1: Odyssey Tennis will refund all fees paid with the exception of half the initial deposit of 20% (minus transaction costs).
    2. Between March 1 and April 1: Odyssey Tennis will refund all fees paid with the exception of the initial deposit of 20% plus transaction costs.
    3. Between April 1 and June 1: refund  of all fees less the initial deposit of 20% plus any nonrefundable penalties of travel agency, railroads, hotels or other suppliers of services and transactions costs.
    4. After June 1: if any, fees will be refund at the discretion of Odyssey Tennis.
    5. ln the event that a suitable replacement is provided by the canceling participant, at the sole discretion of Odyssey Tennis, all fees shall be refunded except 20% and any railroad and airline penalties, or non-refundable fees.
    6. Once the trip has started, Odyssey Tennis has sole discretion to refund any fees. No refund will be made for: temporary absence, voluntary withdrawal or if a player is sent home for violating any of Odyssey Tennis' rules.
    7. Parents must request a refund within 30 days of withdrawal and sign a release before refund is made.
    8. Odyssey Tennis strongly recommends that cancellation insurance be purchased to cover the cost of the flight in the event of a cancellation.
  3. Early return:
  4. If participant wishes to return to his/her home city at any time other than the scheduled return flight, such participant shall be required to pay for the cost of such return. Odyssey Tennis will arrange transportation to the closest airport from the camp. Time and location for the flight must be mutually agreed through email between Odyssey Tennis and the participant’s Legal Guardians.

Payment Options and Transaction Costs

Two payment options (international wire transfer and PayPal) are available to campers and their legal guardians.

As a rule of thumb, Odyssey Tennis covers up to 36 euros of incoming transaction cost fees.

International Wire Transfer:

This option has been widely chosen by most campers’ legal guardians.


  1. Odyssey Tennis will provide you with an invoice and the necessary banking information to process the amount agreed on
  2. You will need to contact your bank to process the wire transfer

Transaction Costs:

Two wire transfer incoming fees are included in the cost of the camp. Therefore, no extra charges are applied if camp fees are paid in full within no more than two wire transfer payments.

  • 1st Payment: No Transaction Cost (18 euros* value included)
  • 2nd Payment: No Transaction Cost (18 euros* value included)
  • Next Payments: 18 euros each.

N.B: Odyssey Tennis is not responsible for any Outgoing Fees that may occur from the organization issuing the Wire Transfer.



  1. You will receive an email/invoice from PayPal with the directions necessary to process the amount agreed on
  2. You will be able to process payment by credit card or by PayPal if you own an account

Transaction Costs:

Odyssey Tennis covers 36 euros of the total incoming fees charged by PayPal.

As of December 2015, PayPal incoming fees transfer are 116 euros (3.9%* of 2985 euros) for camp fees to be paid in full. In this case, campers and their legal guardians are responsible for the remaining 80 euros.

Since PayPal uses a variable rate, the number of payments agreed on does not affect the overall amount for transfer fees.

* Fees and policies are subject to change. Updated and most recent rates shall apply.

Payment plans:

Installment payment plans can be discussed with campers and their legal guardians at the discretion of Odyssey Tennis Academy.

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